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Orgasm, Can Make a Healthy Woman

Healthy live tips the women who often have sexual relations, said to be more healthy or sick is not easy. Even career was going to climb it.

"There are a prerequisite, of course," said psychologist, Lisa Turner. You should really have an orgasm. Proper orgasm, said Lisa, will increase your energy.

Unfortunately, a study shows, 28 percent of women rarely or never experience orgasm (full orgasm). In fact, continued Lisa, orgasm will help increase your health and concentration. As a result, the performance of work into it the better.

Lisa believes "you will feel more fit and energized." Lisa also teaches about what "Love" says, at least there are four types of orgasm.

Clitoral orgasm
In the past, we did not know that women need clitoral stimulation to reach orgasm. Now, stimulation of this organ is often used for women to reach orgasm.

Vaginal orgasm
This type involves an area called the G-spot and other sensitive parts inside the vagina. Orgasms are very different and can physically feel more intense depending on the ability of couples to play its role. But clearly, when you reach it, your energy rather than decrease, even increased.

Multiple Orgasms
When a serial sexual relationship lasted you get peaks and tasted the pleasure (orgasm) several times like a strand of pearls that line, it is called multiple orgasms.

Whole body orgasm
It is very rarely experienced by most women. Not because it is difficult to achieve. With proper training, women, even men, can feel it. Lisa said, this can take up to 30 minutes, though some minutes could too.

The important thing to remember, said Lisa, the trauma of the past and our inability to remove all thoughts about work, relationships with friends, family, and other issues became the most significant obstacles to achieve orgasm. Therefore, let go and enjoy until you actually orgasm.Healthy live tips

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