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Tip 10 Minutes "Rump" So Sexy

Healthy live tipsREALLY easy to form the buttock or buttocks muscles for strength and firmness. For those who live or work in high rise building, go up and down stairs is an adequate exercise. By the buttocks are fantastic, avoid using elevators or escalators.

On this occasion, I will discuss two different kinds of movements that can be added at regular exercises you normally do. Both kinds of motion is easily performed in addition, any implementation takes only about 10 minutes. So, in such a short time you can build a fantastic ass.

Perform this movement in the three sets of exercises. Each set consists of 15 replicates. This exercise can be done three times a week and not on consecutive days.

1. Focused on One Arm and leg lift
A. You are in a position to crawl and the body resting on the palms of their hands and knees. Stretch your right arm forward and your left leg back, toes touching the floor.
B. Tighten the muscles of the buttocks and slowly raise your left leg until parallel to floor. Hold for one second, then lower slowly. Do as much as 15 times, then repeat with other foot and this is a set of exercises.

2. Squat to the Side
A. Hold a dumbbell in each hand. Dumbbells each weighing 3 kg. Stand with both feet close together and back straight. Abdominal muscles toned. Next, bend elbows so that the position of the two dumbbells slightly higher than the shoulders.
B. Step sideways with your left leg, bend your knees so your thighs almost parallel to the floor. Emphasize on your heels and move the muscles of the buttocks at the time of standing back, then move your left foot back to center. Do as many as 15 replicates. Repeat with right foot, it is a set of exercises.

Note: Keep your knees are not more advanced than your toes.Healthy live tips

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