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Five Reasons Reluctant to Perform Sex

Healthy live tips Tired is the reason that often arise for someone who did sexual activity rapidly even miss it. Thus a new poll says. United States National Research Center in January and then conduct telephone polls involving 1000 adults aged between 18 and 75 years. Approximately 52 percent of them women. Most participants, 57 percent of married or living together with spouse and 48 percent of young children under the age of 18 living at home.

Most poll participants, or about 81 percent, stated that they sometimes avoid sex last year. These are five great reasons why they do not nge-sex with some notes from those who chose more than one reason why not to have sex.

1. Too tired or not to sleep: 53 percent.

2. Not feeling well: 49 percent.

3. Not in the mood: 40 percent.

4. More priority to the children and / or pets: 30 percent.

5. Employment: 29 percent.

Interestingly, the economic problem is no excuse for not nge-sex. from 595 participants who reported being sexually active in the year 2008, 78 percent say that economic issues do not affect how often they nge-sex.

Some findings in this survey:

1. As many as 45 percent of sexually active participants said that they never planned a specific time for nge-sex with a partner. However, only 7 percent who wrote it on your calendar or PDA.

2. As many as 56 percent of men said that they think about sex every day, compared to only 19 percent women.

3. They are not good body condition tend to want nge-sex than those who are healthy, who just liked to fantasize about sex.

4. Parents whose children are under 18 years of age reported nge-sex rather than those who do not live with the children in the year 2008.Healthy live tips

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