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Kissing Secrets

Healthy live tips Quite interesting problems discussed, not far from the issues of love, namely the mystery at the heart adrift and planted his lips on the lips (kiss). Experts said that, action will be followed by the release of a kiss chemicals that can reduce stress hormones. "Chemical Compounds in the saliva could be a way to assess a partner," said Wendy Hill, professor of Neuroscience from Lafayette College when the show titled American Association for the Advancement of Science took place.

In an experiment, Hill explained, the heterosexual couples who are college students had experienced changes in levels of oxytocin and kortisolnya chemical compounds when they do a kiss scene for 15 minutes while listening to music. Oxytocin, said Hill, affecting the relationship partner, whereas cortisol associated with stress. Chemical compounds in the blood and salivary glands examined and compared before and after the kiss lasted. Both men and women has decreased cortisol levels after the kiss, indicating the stress levels are also declining. For men, when a kiss, a large increase in oxytocin levels mark a strong attraction for her partner, while in women oksitosinnya decreasing. "Of course this was a surprise," said Hill.

In a test group that reviewed the effects of hand-holding, chemical changes also occur in this action, but not much can be disclosed or a result not much different. This experiment, says Hill, conducted at the student health center at the college. He plans to repeat it with the draft "in a more romantic atmosphere." Together with Helen Fisher of Rutgers University and Donald Lateiner from Ohio University, Hill spoke at a session titled "The Science of Kissing." Fisher himself noted, more than 90 percent of the world do kisses. This action is believed to have three components, among others, sex drive, romantic love and attachment to someone. Promote sex drive someone to assess and determine the respective couples, while romantic love cause they focus on an individual; and attachment to someone, he says, makes this one personal leave for long periods raising children together. Men, he says, tend to think that a kiss is the beginning nge-sex or copulation. He pointed out, men tend to prefer any kiss.

Even so, the chemical can be mixed male testosterone in the saliva of women. Testosterone increase sex drive for men and women. "When you kiss, certain parts of the brain active," he added. Romantic love can last long, "If you kiss the right person." Lateiner, classical scholar, observing that kisses sometimes appear in Greek and Roman art, although widely performed in addition to the activities of skin kiss someone. Therefore, potentially dangerous for the life of someone if the kiss was performed on the wrong person and when that is not quite right. In general, the science of smell-philematology-still continue to run. Thus the knot Hill.Healthy live tips

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