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How To Find Couple On Sensitive Areas

Everyone has a different sensual areas, according to sex therapist from The British Association of Sexual and Marital Therapists, Anne Hooper. For Tom, the neck can be a nice area when digelitiki or kissed his girlfriend. For Andi, another. The neck does not mean anything to him because he does not feel something special when his wife kissed in the area.

Therefore, mapping the sensual areas of the body is important for every couple. Anne Hooper invites us to do some of these games:

* Lie on one another close together with your partner without any piece of clothing. Ask your partner to do a soft touch on certain areas. and make a scale in the area.

* If the area feels so special and fun, give the value 3. If it does not give the value 0 too special. And if it was not fun, give the value of minus three. This way you can know where the sensitive areas of your partner respectively.
* Feel each setuhan from your partner and ask these things from your partner. If the fee that is truly mengasikkan strip and menyenangkanlakukanlah.
* See the results of palpation and a kiss on your partner, how to react when the sensitive areas untouched and you can know that sensitive part of your partner

Anne insisted, not every area that feels good when touched on another day it would be nice too. It also depends on the condition of each of us. Because of that, so we know, understand and get to know our partner and ourselves respectively, the mapping that we need to do in different conditions. When the couple was having a big mud, being tired, or being anything. And note, the area which is always nice touch every time regardless of mood. Want to try?

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