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Tip 7 Things Likes Women From Men

Healthy live tips Making love can be an experience of total peak which always awaited the wife of the husband. But before reaching there, there's the little things are expected from the man she loves. Consider some of them.
UNEXPECTED genuine praise
What woman, hell, who does not like praise? Not one word of praise thousand rag, you know, a small but unexpected compliment. If that is spoken at the right moment, the wife would have smiled with pleasure. Convey the compliment with sincerity, face-to-eye, if necessary, whispering in his ear. Avoid giving praise that sounded very polite. For example, you praise him while continuing to concentrate in front of the computer. It will only make your partner mad.

FRESH scented BODY
Body fresh because it's always a bath, nails clipped neatly and sideburns are always clean shaven and fresh scent of your body, guaranteed to make your partner feel comfortable. While at home you feel more at ease wearing a sarong and bare-chested, but believe me, a sight like that would not be desirable partner. We recommend wearing shorts and a T-shirt worthy. Gratitude-gratitude can show your toned body thanks to diligent practice in the gym.

Calls can still remember what you give him affection while still dating? Try to repeat it now. You may not realize, but sometimes mommy-daddy calls sounded very "old" and boring. If it turns out you do not already have a call for her affection, no harm in creating start now. Women will feel special when you realize that only in this world who call him by sebutanitu. Reminding him that your position is different from others.
You know the French guy is easier to conquer the hearts of any woman in this world. Ease of attitude that they can because those who know how to treat women with romantically.
No need to put an expensive basket of gladiolus every day at home, but try to give him a rose a little when you pick her up after work. Women will feel flattered by the romantic incident of this kind. On weekends, try to prepare breakfast for him and take it to the bedroom. Wake her with a gentle kiss on her forehead, then handed her a glass of your homemade fresh juice. What do you do this will be considered romantic to him.
After work, fair only if you and your partner feel very tired. But as a proof of love, you can do something nice for him. After the shower and get ready for bed, take olive oil or fragrant body lotion, apply on his neck and massage gently. Allow your partner to enjoy every sensation created by your touch. Erotic touch in bed, it was necessary. But not only that, women are also yearning caress of love. Only with love and not lust. Belailah her hair while sitting near you, or hold his hand as he descended the stairs. Things like that really liked women.
Fight for
"Strive" to do something fun. Not having to beat the stepmother in a fairy tale like Cinderella, but quite a small action that made him understand that you are sacrificing a lot of things to please him. For example, today's couples know that your work deadlines. Suddenly, during lunch hour, you appear in his office and brought a packet of chicken noodle favorites. He knew exactly, to buy it you have to penetrate the jam, once delivered to the office. After that you need to get back to the office to finish the job.
No hurry
To the point. It is the habit of a man who by some women to be perceived as the attitude in a hurry. Try to occasionally follow the rhythm. Likewise when making love, she really enjoyed the couple who want to understand him. Ciumilah slowly without any one part is missing. Ask him what you want to do for him. After making love you even do not rush to end it with sleep. Hug her, stroked her hair, whispering about how you really love him. Surely your partner always want to repeat this kind of togetherness with you.Healthy live tips

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