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Secret Love, Can Make You Fat

Healthy live tips Anyone would agree that sex is an activity that is very enjoyable and healthful. There has been much evidence and research results that reveal that sex if done correctly and regularly avail for health, such as relieve stress and burn calories or fat.

However, research on sex would never stop. The experts will never be satisfied and still want to continue to unravel the mystery behind sexual activity.

One hypothesis that emerged and attracted the attention of scientists is eroding the influence of sex on fat in the body. A group of researchers, as reported by the magazine New Scienctist raises a hypothesis that sex makes one a more fat than a trim.

As described in the journal Medical hypotheses, research groups led by Ritesh Menezes from India argues that the key to this weight increase is the increasing levels of the hormone prolactin. The hormone prolactin is known as a substance that stimulates or stimulate milk production in women and generate compassion.

In theory, these hormone levels in human blood will increase after sex, especially post-orgasm. Increased prolactin is believed to be associated with weight gain in several species, including humans who suffer from chronic hiperprolaktinaemia (high levels of prolactin).

In addition, no studies in the U.S. that show fathers who are waiting for the birth of her child likely to experience major weight gain caused by rising hormone prolactin.

By considering the various observations, Menezes from the Department of Forensic Medicine and Toxicology at Kasturba Medical College, Mangalore, India, making the hypothesis that "increased sexual activity have made possible the causes of weight gain."

Menezes opinion is received criticism Stuart Brody, an expert from the University of the West of Scotland, the inventor of the theory of the hormone prolactin increase following intercourse. He considered incorrect hypotheses Menezes aka the wrong address.

"There is a link between frequency of sexual intercourse with a person lose weight, but in the opposite direction," says Brody.

Brody previous research conducted on 120 healthy men and women. He found that they often have sex more often than those rare Lansing.

In view of Brody, really not appropriate to compare medical conditions such as hiperprolaktinaemia with increasing hormone normally in the short term.

"As an analogy, when you exercise, average heart rate increases you will say 140 bits per minute. This is good. If your heart rate at rest has reached 140 bpm, it seems not a good thing. Similarly, talking about sports, do not forget the value of sports from a sexual activity, "he said

So, if sex can indeed be used as a safe way to lose weight as some people claim? Or too often do so precisely will make the prolactin levels remain high, so that will add weight? We'll see the results of other studies.Healthy live tips

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