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Tips for Coloring Your Hair

Healthy live tips In the book The World of Hair, dr. Jhon Gray revealed several types of hair coloring.

1. Temporary dyes
While using dye coloring materials (dyes), so only just covering the hair surface. Chemical properties of the dye while easily cleaned with shampoo a few times so not too risky.

2. Natural Dyes
Mostly natural dyes made from plants, for example henna. These dyes will fade after several shampooing.

3. Semi-permanent dyes
These dyes have a very small molecule that can seep into the hair core (cortex). However, not to change the pigment and does not contain bleach (bleach materials or hair color lights), so it is quite safe to use.

4. Permanent Hair Coloring
Permanent hair dye is more risky because the bleaching process that transforms hair pigment. The more often the hair-bleach, hair cuticle will be damaged and form scales. To reduce damage, it is advisable not to often change hair color. "Use shampoo with a pH balanced to help kultikula close to perfection, so the color last longer," advises dr. Christopher Gummer, Senior Research Fellow At P & G. Also, use conditioner because it can improve hair nutrition hair opaque at the same time reducing further beautify your hair a new color. So, want to color your hair? Go for it!

Shampoo sufficiently USE
In order for your hair is not damaged, the following tips for washing your hair!
1. Wash your hair with warm water before shampooing.
2. Use just enough shampoo.
3. Pour the shampoo and rubbed on the hands to form a foam, then gently rubbed into the hair. Starting from the scalp, then to the hair with a little massage with the finger.
4. Rinse with cold running water.

If possible, let hair dry naturally. However, if you must use a hair dryer, here are some tipsnya.
- Do not use hair dryer in wet conditions!
- Set the dryer with the speed and the lowest heat level.
- Do not "shoot" on one part of the head dryer too long.
- Turn off the dryer before completely dry your hair.Healthy live tips

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