Minggu, 04 Juli 2010

There's More Delicious Sex Without Hair On Vagina

Healthy live tips a few years later began growing trend to cut their hair or shaving the fine hairs on the V region that is claimed to increase sensitivity and ultimately add to the enjoyment of sex.

Hair chop steps in the area of intimate organs, either half or until clean-shaven bald, also familiarly known by the term Brazilian Wax. In Western countries, especially the United States, many women choose the brazilian wax as part of lifestyle. Those who like oral sex activity, neatly trim the V region is also claimed to be able to increase partner satisfaction.brazilian wax case is one proof that the majority of people still trapped on perceived sexual satisfaction or enjoyment factor is only determined in part only, such as those involving the vagina or penis organs only. In fact, pleasure and sexual satisfaction is determined by many factors among which are the brain as the center of the mind.

"So therefore, there is still much mistaken. They think that satisfaction depends on the organ 'under' alone. Whereas satisfaction is certainly one package, including the role of the brain or mind. Although that's down there kinky or clean-shaven, but if his mind is not passionate during sex, the result certainly will not be satisfactory, "said dr. Suryono in talk show "Sexuality in Indonesia: Taboo or Need?" And Kesproholic Book launch event in Jakarta, Thursday (10 / 7).

He explained that the body hairs on mon vaginal pubic hair is not normal, but an important function to protect the exterior of the female reproductive organs such as the mons pubis, clitoris, labia majora, labia minora and perineum.

Therefore, women should not need to be cleared out hairs in the region V, because it was feared it could trigger the occurrence of infection on the surface of the skin around the vagina.

"God has created the hairs were certainly not without meaning and purpose. One thing for sure, hairs that serve to protect the exterior of the female reproductive organs. When to shave off, which feared it would happen infections in the roots of his hair. That is not shaved just could become infected, let alone a shaved until clean-shaven,Healthy live tips

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